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Click HERE to see prints, zines, stickers, keyrings, pins and help feed the pigeons! Every sale goes towards keeping the business going- paying for events, producing new stock, website costs, all that fun stuff.

Also consider following the shop on Etsy to be updated quickly on when products are relisted or when new items are put into the shop!

Workday getting you down? Crumbs of Wisdom is now available on LinkedIn if you need something to look at other than job openings! After all, fancy business people need to be reminded to self care as well! You are more than just a cog in the machine!

Click HERE to check out and follow the page! Updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Another home for Crumbs of Wisdom! Also a place for people to feed the pigeons.

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Where I upload my speedpaint compilations and other video projects!

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Follow me on Twitch where I livestream my art and yammer on about whatever! 

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A new home for all my wisdom timelapses and other video things too small for youtube!

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Crumbs of Wisdom updates on Facebook! Share them with your friends!

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Crumbs of Wisdom updates on Twitter! Share them with your enemies!

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Crumbs of Wisdom updates on Tumblr! Share them with the void!

Crumbs of Wisdom updates on Instagram! Share them in your stories!

Another new home for Crumbs of Wisdom! And a new place to feed the pigeons! Patrons of Moodypidge can get Wisdoms a week before everyone else, plus sneak peeks to new Crumbs related projects and products!

I'm currently (as of 02/08/2021) still deciding on other potential tiers such as video credit shoutouts to patrons at the end of my youtube videos but this will depend on whether I can create videos at my planned biweekly schedule so watch this space!

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