14th Dec 2021- SENSORY is being published!

That's right- the SENSORY Anthology, which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year is officially being published under Andrews McMeel in Autumn 2022!

A huge thank you to the amazing artist and project lead Schnumn for allowing me to take part. I've met so many amazing and beautiful people and they've helped me to understand myself in ways I never thought possible.

And now the pigeons, alongside so many amazing creators are going to be in bookshops next year! I don't think there are words good enough to explain how ecstatic and honoured I am.

I know the word "blessed" gets thrown around a lot but I can't deny that it fits perfectly for me here.

And not only that- The ASDComix website that features all the contributors to the anthology is now live! Check it out to see all the amazing people. And I'm there too, which is really neat!

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