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Hi there! My name is Emma and I am the artist behind Moodypidge and CRUMBS. Welcome to my website!


Crumbs began as a personal therapy art project when I was going through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2019. I used the inktober challenge of that year to create self help and self care reminders (Progress, not perfection) as well as some lessons that are a bit harder to swallow (People won’t always forgive you). I wanted to take better care of myself mentally while still staying grounded and taking responsibility for myself.


I shared my pieces online for inktober and was surprised at all the encouraging comments people had and their requests to see more. So I started to delve more into the characters themselves and bring them more to life, while sharing their ‘wisdoms’; the lessons I learned in therapy or life in general.

I wanted to explore self care and looking after myself without getting stagnant or allowing my illnesses/symptoms to get the best of me. This is a big reason why the pigeons have such different personalities. They originally personified around my moods as a way for me to track how I felt every day. But now they’ve become a great way to share all sorts of advice with all sorts of people!

As for my experience with mental health- In a nutshell, it’s coming to terms with a very overdue autism diagnosis, an ADHD diagnosis and learning about how these symptoms manifest and how I can work with them rather than against them. As a neurodivergent kid that just kind of slipped through the cracks, I kind of have to learn a lot of things and come to terms with the fact that while I didn’t get the help I needed back then, it’s not too late for me. I also came to terms with the fact that I’m not the only one this happened to and that this will probably continue to happen to others for a long time to come. If there’s any little good I can make out of this, it’s that I can use my work to help those in my position feel a lot less alone. 

Picture Frame Graphic
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Salty, Sweet, Sugar and Spice were created based off of my emotions and moods. Now they help me to better understand and look after myself! Now they're here and happy to meet you!

... Yes, even Salty. Her face is just Like That.



~Resting Pidge Face 

~Small cube of pure hatred

~Only thing shorter than them is their temper

~Secretly wants a hug

 ~You can't kill her in a way that matters



~Big Chick Energy

~Mama Bird Friend

~Head in the clouds

~Have you eaten today? Taken your meds?

 ~Maybe don't make her angery




~F O C U S

~*Gets stabbed* It's just my fibromyalgia

~Lost her foot after shoving it up someone's ass probably




~Fly AF

~ Hey remember that song you only just got out your head?

~Meme Queen

~Wanna watch me juggle these chainsaws?

 ~Time is a concept and I am unstoppable


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My work has been published in the following anthologies:
You Need A Holiday... And That (2019)
Paper Jam Comics collective Anthology
Sensory- Life On the Spectrum (2021)
An Autistic Comic Anthology