Welcome to Moodypidge, sharing awareness and understanding of mental health and neurodivergency through my own experiences.

I created little pigeon characters I had based off of my moods and began to create illustrations with them... I also began to use the pigeons as a way to help me remember self care affirmations and advice, which has since become my regular series “Crumbs of Wisdom”, uploaded to my website and social media every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Thank you for visiting my page! Here is a quick trailer that briefly sums up Crumbs of Wisdom and Moodypidge in general. I hope you'll consider subscribing and checking out my future videos!


Salty the pigeon is being talked to by someone offscreen, looking annoyed. The offscreen person says
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Sugar the pigeon is being held in a pair of tongs, looking very confused but not especially stressed
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Sweet the pigeon is staring angrily at someone offscreen. She is trembling and nervous, which featur
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If you've followed me since this time last year, you might remember the designs I did for a Festive decoration set I wanted to make. Unfortunately I ran out of time due to work.

But this year I'm pleased to announce that THEY HAVE BEEN MADE and they look even better than I had planned. I suppose the delay was worth it!

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The above pieces are now available as A5 prints! Get one now for £5 or the whole Wisdom Print Collection for £30!

I'm a very forgetful person and so with the help of my therapy art pigeons, I create self care reminders to help me on my low days and keep me focused towards becoming the best version of me I can be. I was encouraged to share them online and now they are my full time job!

Through this project, I got a well overdue diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Fibromyalgia. The pigeons have been very helpful for me while I've come to terms with my bird-brain- now I can find ways to use it to my advantage while hopefully helping other people!

Crumbs of Wisdom updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Kofi!

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Click HERE to see prints, zines, stickers, keyrings, pins and help feed the pigeons! Every sale goes towards keeping the business going- paying for events, producing new stock, website costs and so on. The pigeons and I are so grateful for all the support so far and thank you all so much!

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When not working on new product designs, I mostly work on my Crumbs of Wisdom series! I share the artwork on Kofi, my social media and LinkedIn, I upload time-lapses to TikTok, I upload compilations of said time-lapses to YouTube and sometimes I livestream my artwork on Twitch! Follow me on the below accounts to get prompt updates.

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As said above, Crumbs of Wisdom also updates on my socials! Follow me to keep up, as well as see sneak peeks of other projects and even new products. Updates every Weekday!

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Workday getting you down? Crumbs of Wisdom is now available on LinkedIn if you need something to look at other than job openings! After all, fancy business people need to be reminded to self care as well! You are more than just a cog in the machine!


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Another new home for Crumbs of Wisdom! And a new place to feed the pigeons! Patrons of Moodypidge can get Wisdoms a week before everyone else, plus sneak peeks to new Crumbs related projects and products!

I'm currently (as of 02/08/2021) still deciding on other potential tiers such as video credit shoutouts to patrons at the end of my youtube videos but this will depend on whether I can create videos at my planned biweekly schedule so watch this space!

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